Caulk It Art Van by Nod Nal-Teews at Art Car Fest

Caulk It Art Van by Nod Nal-Teews
Art Ark by Nod Nal-Teews
Photos by Bagel!

Nod D’Nal-Teews from Fort Worth, has been driving his "Caulk-It" van cross country for over 20 years now. His van is a 1979 Dodge Maxivan and matching trailer, dubbed the "Art Ark" with rooftop solar collectors that power appliances within the van, while a trailer serves as his studio. Most people use caulk to seal up cracks in their homes but he used about 300 tubes of the stuff to cover his art car spread with his fingers then painted over. He has also encompassed a variety of items in his design, from broom handles to rain gutters to pie tins. Nod will be at Art Car Fest weekend.


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