Debt Consolidation Help

When I was still working, I possessed four credit cards. I was happy when I got approved because I have some plastic money to use in case of emergency. When I resigned from work almost two years ago, I live a life having no income at all.

Aside from that, I was not earning from my online endeavor yet. So I used my credit cards to buy groceries and even bought medicines and paid hospital bills. I have done this for many months. And since I only paid the minimum, my interest went up almost thrice as the principal amount.

With that credit card debt problem times with four, I was desperate to get help. I wanted to avail of a credit card debt consolidation from the issuing companies. But since I paid on time, they have declined my request.

As an alternative, I tried looking for bill consolidation companies to help me. Unfortunately, they don’t have one here in our place. That is when the inevitable happened, I was passed due with all my credit cards causing for many harassing calls.

Anyway, that came as a blessing, because when that happened, these companies offered me debt consolidation with one fix interest. And because of this, out of four, I have finished paying one already. The one with the highest debt is also set to be paid off in four years. The other one is still current while the other one is left unsettled as for the moment.

Oh well, I know it’s hard to have a lot of debts especially during recession but if you’re just committed to live a debt free life, someday you will see success!


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