Gold Suppliers

My uncle who is now in the US has contacted my father. He asked my father to canvass for gold suppliers in any region in Mindanao. He said that gold is a great business nowadays because its value is intact even if the world is in recession. Gold is a valuable asset that people tend to invest in these times because of its stability compared to insurances, stocks, bonds and others.

So my father went to look for gold suppliers. Unfortunately, there were only few gold suppliers he found in the safe regions in Mindanao. Those big time suppliers of gold lived in the hazardous or considered as war zone areas. Because of the hostiles present in those areas, I suggested that my father should start looking for gold elsewhere if he would want to pursue the job of finding gold suppliers but if not, better stay at home and be safe than earning from a job that is so hazardous at his age of 60.


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